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“Saksham,Sahyog Va Sabhavana”

If you are either an Individual/startup or running Micro,Small & Medium business with lots of requirements of products/services with both BALANCE & CASCADING (formerly like Demonetization and Remonetization in India) effect strategy.

Here’s Ennate Global Services [EGS] extensively designed & developed integrated services in past, to help to minimize your pain area,to secure your present and future from below verticals:

What you get(Results)/

What we offer?

            EGS Core Business event Triggers & Branding Services:

1. Event Management/Branding

a) Live Theatre Plays – (Chanakya) by known celebrities (Team of 22 people)

b) Short Ad Films.(Includes complex Video editing)

c) Corporate Ad films.

d) Ribbon Cutting.

e) Live Anchoring etc. by Media known celebrities (Example: By Media Actors)

f) Indoor Digital Signages.(Applications : Indoor Signs for office, home, hospitals, Flex Banners)

h) Outdoor Digital Signages.(Applications: Hoardings, Bus Shelters, Car curtains-Back Screens,Glowsigns, Canopies/Demo Tents)

i) Web (Viral ads).

j) Video Animations (promotional purpose).

k) Voice over artists.

3. Real Estate Management (RERA)

a) New & Switching of existing Property Loans

b) Property-Buy,Sell & Rent/Lease (Outright,Rentals)

– Industrial, Residential, Commercial

4. Digital Documentations work Management

a) Create new dynamic forms for online/offline surveys,

b) Editing : Audio conversion (.mp3 files), audio compression,categorized data entry

a) Images( jpeg, .tiff,.png,.Giff files)

b) Videos edit and conversions(.mp4 files etc.)

c) Youtube Downloading and conversions.

d) Photos and Videos Collage.

5. Brand Franchisees Management

6. Existing/New Mobile App & Website Designing an development with payment gateway Integrations.

7. Digital Marketing Management.

Business Development & Support (Suggested) Services

8. Recruitments Process Outsourcing (RPO) Management
(IT , Non IT & Young Freshers)

(Pan India & Overseas)

9. Payroll Processing Services Management.

10. TLSS (Management Consulting) Skill development Workshops Management

T =Theory of Constraints fundamentals (TOC)

L= Lean Six Sigma

S= Six Sigma

S = Digital Sales

11. Technology skill development Workshops Management.

MS Excel (Basics)

Advanced (MS Excel)


12. Opportunity to Co-work,Seat Lease ( for small period of time) Management.

13. Follow Up Services (Pre ,After Sales tracking)

14. Sell/Buy -Business (Merger/Takeover/Franchise) Management.

15. 18*6 -Tracking and Monitoring Services


16. Social Media Integration Platforms


17. Documentation work :

Data Translation/Transcription in English/Hindi/Other languages.

All starts through Digital Transformation
@ Minimum $6/pph/project + 18%-28% GST
(pph= per productive hour)

Switch to Next Generation EGS Back – end office Products / Services and avail Integrated Services along with free consulting services only at affordable prices just at:

INR 399/hour/Project/Resource


Process flow

What is required from you?

[As soon as you get in touch with EGS representative!]

Step 1. If applicable, EGS will share its authorization letter to start sell/deliver your products/services ,notify through email,Text whatsapp messages etc.

Note: This authorization letter is to be duly authorized signed & stamped with company seal on your organization’s letter head.

Step 2. 20% -50% booking amount (INR) of Total value of Project or budget (as token of acceptance and execution of work with you) through Direct Wire Bank Wire & Third party (Local & International) Payment Gateways.,for its revenue re- invested in partner integrated applications) & this booking depends on nature of project.

Step 3: For Step no. 2, EGS will send you Pre Invoice to your work email id for confirmation of Project.

Note: A personal final formal meeting/Video Chat is applicable after all back end formalities are executed between EGS & you/your organization,either at EGS office or your office.

Step 4. If applicable,Signing 12 month Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) legal contract via Docusign.net

and the Final Step:

Balance Payout(s):

As per signed MOU between you and EGS.

Step 5. Post Completion of Project:

a) EGS Proof of delivery is required from you/your organization.

b) On time in Full (OTIF) Balance Payouts (as per MOU).

c) If applicable,at your discretion,to submit your valuable Likes, appreciations on Social Networking platforms (example: Facebook,Linkedin ,Twitter, Google+,Skype etc.).

P.S. The KYC (Know your customer) documents would be shared among EGS & you/your organization are mandatory for ease of doing business.

KYC Documentations:

1. Address Proof (GSTIN No.,Electricity Bill etc)

2. Identity Proof (Pan Card,Aadhaar Card,driving licence etc.)

About Us:

(A Glimpse of History)

Learn how & why Ennate Global Services [EGS] was started, and all about its 15+ year journey thus far.

Founded in August 2011,Ennate Global Services [EGS] {formely Printways} by young logical thinker & implementer,Serial Entrepreneur ,with a complete (sharply) focus started and continues his journey from Ground root level, Er. Kartik Gilani (Founder/An Equivalent to Data Scientist,Sole Proprietor), with his extensive hard efforts & struggle in the past,acts as a catalyst, Mentor,equivalent to data scientist specially for young generation.


Simple Living and High Thinking

Out of The Box Thinking

As a step by step ,Mentor & Subject Matter Expert(s), Change Agent , Turn around Expertise, Business Leader helps Individuals, Micro, small & Medium business(es) to grow of their optimum potential, delivering end-to-end results.

Simply and Clean ,For you & your Business!

The Back-End Expert’s Smart Managed Solutions!

An Internet advertising Management Consultant specializes in structured approach using Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology working in his current role as Founder and Sole Proprietor with Ennate Global Services [EGS].

Karttik, spent entire career delivering services to both individuals & companies to develop and implement both global and local search & sales, training strategies from diverse Industries viz: Branding-Advertising & Promotions(Indoor & Outdoor) , ITES, Printing,Call Centres.


Er. + MBA+ Six Sigma Professional + Social Media Integrations expert = Data Scientist

Simply Smart Managed Solutions! For your Business!

He is responsible for search strategies at over a dozen consumer & Business-to-Business websites & knowledgeable in Data Management,Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology.

With over 13+ years of experience from diverse Industries viz Marketing & Advertising,Real Estate, Information Technology Enabled services (ITES).

Over 14+ years experience from Diverse Industries viz:
1.  Training & Outsourcing:Workshops and Implementation
2. Outsourcing:Advertising/Promotions/Event Services-Indoor and Outdoor Signages. (Print Media Industry)

3. Outsourcing: Textiles (Printing Industry).

4. Consulting :Real Estate , ITES Call Centre Industry(ies)

Karttik’s knowledge spans sales & Marketing, business development.
Prior to his current role, he was Senior Technical Support officer for 5.5 years in Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) . While at HCL, he managed projects with British Telecommunication (The United Kingdom), in Trainings/Workshops, Operations etc.

While at Parkash Metal Industries ,he managed projects & specialized in Trainings, sales & marketing through Digital Marketing in Real estate Management. He formerly worked in the sales & marketing department at Parkash Metal Industries and with Goldratt India ( tenure :approx. 1.5 Years & 6 months .)

During his career, Karttik built and implemented Digital sales & Marketing , that have been repeatedly produced sales by an average of 7% in the respective Industry and saved cost 20% within his company (in span of 1 year).

EGS undertake & implement Projects at Ground Level on facts & Figures Basis.



A Last Video By Late Shri Anil Kumar Gilani (2012) for Inviting Global Investors in India to work as One Team

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