My Business School-Part1 (An Er. Kartik Gilani Initiative)

Welcome and Hello Friends,

Who am I?


I am, Kartik Gilani(KG) ,your Friend & an Equivalent to your Management Guru..


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How can your Business Benefit?

                     52%                                      90% 
of savings in Opex Cost             Reduction in Response Time


                   24 X 7                                           39%
when your customer needs              Increased Efficiency in Personalized Customer Care



Do Not expect things from  others ,Do it at your own! Implement it !@ Your-Self with your courage, knowledge & Experience!

I rigourosly worked hard 4+ years and sacrificed my young 4 years for you to reduce your pain area for getting jobs.

Why You Need Job or do a  Business?

What is the Unique Feature from others in you ?

To earn your bread and Butter , Job Security ?

Am I Right?

EGS is a Solution for you! to bridge Gap between you!

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Come On Guys! We would get train through our dedicated Workshops with Tools and Techniques ! So that you can implement practical approach, in a lesser time.

Whether it is Sales,Conversions,

When would you like to take a few minutes to discuss? Please let me know what times work for you.

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