Market Research Services (MRRS)

Independent Supplier of Fieldwork and Research Services


EGS is an independent supplier of Fieldwork and Research Services to the Market Research Industry. We provide high quality data collection and processing services to Market Research Companies, and those Companies embarking on their own in-house research initiatives.

Sample : Consumer buying behavior towards online /offline shopping

We have a footprints with access to over 2xxx  field interviewers with up to XX years experience in face-to-face interviews and telephonic interviews. We also provide for focus groups and in-depth interviews. EGS is run by a dedicated team of professionals who have had extensive experience in the Market Research Industry over a number of years, each with an acknowledged track record in delivering desirable business outcomes for clients. We pride ourselves as having access to a diversified talent pool. Improve your market share, increase your bottom line, and stay ahead of your competition.

At EGS, we take the guesswork out of the boardroom. To fulfill this goal, we are committed to the highest standards of research preparation, data collection, analysis and reporting. Contact us for a no obligation discussion concerning your own particular research needs.


The main core of our business is providing outsourced quantitative and qualitative consumer and business-to-business fieldwork as well as mystery shopping to market research companies, and companies embarking on their own inhouse market research initiatives. Our field services include the following:

  • Face-2-Face interviews
  • Telephonic interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • In-Depth Interviews

We offer in home interviews, street interviews, store/exit interviews, on site interviews, hall tests, product placements, tracking studies and telephonic interviews. Our field interviewers are all supervised and controls are in place to ensure the quality of data collected. In addition to this we apply a 30% back-check on all data received per field interviewer. We operate according to client protocols, and data collection is done and customised in accordance with clients brief. We provide regular progress reports and frequent communication, to ensure that the client is kept up to date throughout the process. With the variety and depth of our teams combined experience, we supply a field service that is informed and confident, versatile and efficient.

Focus Groups

We provide a complete service for focus groups which includes agreeing on the most appropriate location, identifying and recruiting suitable attendees, organising the venue, discussing and arranging facilitation, recording, reporting and presentation.

In-Depth Interviews

We have experienced interviewers who can tackle IDI’s on any subject with both consumers and professionals. Consequently we can provide the most suitable moderator, identify and recruit suitable respondents, arrange and facilitate actual interview, recording, reporting and presentation

The following processes are in support of the data collection methods:

Back Checks (Field Interviews)

This is a quality check which ensures interviews are done fairly, honestly and interviewers were professional and knowledgeable. Back checks are done on 25% of each Interviewers work, of which 10% is personal back checks where the Back checker goes into Field to do the Back check and 15% is Telephonic back checks whereby a Back Checker calls the respondent to do the back check. For each study there is a Back check Questionnaire setup, this is used by the Back Checker.


This a check that is done on all questionnaires once interview is completed to check that all the questions are filled in according to spec and the questionnaire is corrected before goes to Coding and Capturing. There is an Editing instructions document that is created which needs to be followed by each Editor. Once Editing is completed, a check is done on 10% of each Editors work, this is to make sure that they are following the in structions document and there are no errors on their work.


this process is done to summarize the Open ended data. A codeframe (summa rized list of codes) is created for all Open ended questions which is used by each Coder. 10% of each Coders work is checked to ensure that they are following the codeframe and are using the correct codes

Data Capturing

All data on questionnaire is captured according to a Capturing Master that is created. A double capture/ data verification is done to check that everything is captured according to capturing master.

Data Cleaning

Both data captured files are run against a Check Edit to make sure that the data is error free and ready for data analysis. Final check is done before Final Data is produced. This check is done by running Frequencies and Holecounts on Prefinal data. Once data is error free, Final Data is exported in the required format (i.e. SPSS, .dat, .dta or .csv) and ready for reporting, creating powerpoint presentation or sending to client. Experience on Quantum.

Powerpoint Presentation/ Reports/ Transcripts

Spell and Grammar checks are done before sending to client or before presentation is done to client.


These are actual Open ended responses that are captured into either Excel or Word and sent to Client upon their request. Spell and Grammar checks are done be fore sending to client.


In addition to our Fieldwork we offer the following Research Services:

New Product Survey

Market Structure:

Size, market shares, purchase frequencies and penetrations

Concept Testing & Screening:

Concept testing surveys are for reaching launch decisions and improving concepts before wasting time on business planning or risking large investments. This will help make a decision whether to launch a product/ business. This will help SME’s and Entrepreneurs.

Virtual Shelf/Packaging Tests in Context:

Assess products in a competitive context. Will have a shelf with different products or packaging design, respondents will then choose which will have a greater impact on share. Will they have equal recognition from a distance or close range. Will they be equally appealing? Will it matter if you make use of a cheaper or expensive packaging?

Awareness, Usage and Attitude:

Studies provide awareness, usage and attitude of products already on the market.

Problem Identification:

This is useful in improving existing products or generating new product concepts. Also assists in brand positioning.

Package Design Survey

Package designs and labels should be unique and linked to a specific brand. This will attract recognition. Your designs will be compared to competitor designs thus boosting awareness and sales. If product is priced right and have a unique attractive package this will attract consumers thus increasing sales.

Brand Equity Survey

Surveys are usually conducted between both customers and non-customers, providing a platform for gathering market intelligence supplementary to the brand measurement process. We do surveys comparing client brand against competitor brands. This identifies competitor weaknesses and helps strengthen client brands.

Price Study

This study allows one to check the prices across the market. Also, comparing prices against competitor prices. We also do a BPTO to check what prices consumers are willing to pay for a product.

Employee Engagement Survey

This survey is conducted with all employees of a company at different levels. This helps the employees to voice their opinion of the company, management, job satisfaction and how to improve on the negative sectors. This can be done unanimously. Results are then projected overall in the form of graphs, reports, powerpoint presentations.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Surveys are conducted to assess the service experience across customers. This way overall satisfaction levels can be tracked. One can track attitudinal and behavioural loyalty. This determines the specific reasons for dissatisfaction and determines how important service satisfaction is.


We have done projects for Qualitative, Quantitative, Mystery Shopping and Online on all industry sectors, namely, FMCG, Media, Financial, Motor, Petroleum, Healthcare, etc.

Large projects worked on are as follows:

  1. Undisclosed – Sample was 3000 PAPI & 1500 CAPI per wave, which was 6 waves per ear
  2. Undisclosed – Sample was 2000 per wave, which was 4 waves per year
  3. Undisclosed -Sample was 1000 per month
  4. Undisclosed– Sample was 1700 per month

5.Agricultural Studies. 


We have a great team and their experience in the Market Research Industry totals up to 15+ years. The team is divided into 2 teams, The Field Team and Data Processing Team. Their experience is as follows:

Field Team:

Has experience in Interviewing (CAPI, PAPI, PDA, Online, Telephonic), Back checking and Quality checking.

Data Processing Team:

Has experience in Interviewing, Back checking, Editing, Data Capturing, Coding, Reports, Powerpoint Presentations, Proposals, Transcripts and Quality.