My Business School-Part2(An Er. Kartik Gilani Initiative)

Hello Friends,

Welcome Again! It’s a pleasure & honor to be  here today.

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I personally ,Thank you to be here to attend this

Awareness Session on

T=Theory of Constraints (fundamentals)

L=Lean Six Sigma

S=Six Sigma

S= Sales

E=MS Excel(Basic)


from your precious valuable time.

Basic & Fundamental Questions:

1.Why we are Here?

I always wanted to share my achievements,experience with upcoming young generation to motivate them.(During my educational background , I was an average student).

We are here, to bridge the gap of theory and practical and share some valuable knowledge & information with you to boost your career, (whether you avail services either from us (Ennate Global Services-EGS) or somewhere else).

EGS is one stop solution or, in other words, one START solution for your Job Needs!

                     LEARN NOT TO FAIL

Failure Rate

Information :

Tip: The valuable information, either you do workshop from EGS or anywhere , always declare your credentials.

Do not Hide from Government Departments or others !!It is for your life long security.!

2. Why you are here?
Have you ever heard about TLSSE ,

Yes,Six Sigma!might be a  small chapter in your curriculum.

It’s a Variation in projects & processes are implemented in micro,small and medium, large enterprises business(es).

You may either start your own business, or a get job in an MNC.

Just take a scenario, Assume that you two persons from same or different college(s)/organization(s), institution(s) applied for a job in same company for same position with same marks.and one fo them went through group discussions, mock interview etc.


3.What do you require from an Interviewer ?
a) Good 5 or 6 digit Salary?
b) Job Security?
c) Loans for your business?

Am I right or wrong?

Can you answer a Basic & Fundamental Question?
4. Why an Interviewer will hire you?
5. What is USP(Unique selling feature) in you?

How will you sell yourself to interviewer?Until you have a unique feature?

6. Why a company hires any person?

Let me answer the above questions for you !

They require your skill set , Practically! Micro, Medium or Medium Enterprises/Organizations treat their employees as their asset’s.

If you possess a different skill set from day one in the organization, i.e. unstated skill set,
Normally, Organizations doesn’t expects these skill sets.
In this competitive world, If you have these skill sets, there are much more chances of getting job with competitive package which is distinguised from others.

I can share with you number of realistic practical case studies , MNC’s & Indian Companies already implemented TLSSE

Remember, In case either you select your carrier to start your own business or to get a job,
In either of cases, TLSSE will be applied , so that the security of either business or job could be in a long run.

Master a new skill, expand your opportunities.

Advance your career with on demand practical courses

7. Today! It’s  Digital India and World, The People are connecting with each other through it.

8.Do you have mobiles with you?

Just navigate to examples like and other websites , (Practical Example connecting Mobile with TLSSE) and compare the price of EGS in Market!!
What our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Modi is doing ?

Mr. Modi is implementing various tools of TLSSE, which is a structured approach for digital revolution.


9. EGS,is a Management Consulting Firm.
Who is a Management Consultant?

Any Answers?

Let me elaborate it!

They are bridge or in other words connectors between two parties,they may be financial institutions,consultants, Small,Mid size companies, one to one personal reach them in shortest possible time,to get their work done.

As a Management consultant, EGS delivers Managed Consulting Services through its  verticals:
EGS is Industry Subject Matter Experts.
– BPO/ITES(Contact Centres)
– Real Estate Management
– TLSSE,Consulting Training/Workshops
– Recruitment


10. EGS identified the core pain area, implemented research and development on facts and figures & have been working for you from past 4-5 years and found integrated solution to upskill you ..Be 100% sure..(Not even 99%)

11.Like Indiamart or, EGS is a bridge between Consultants,Small,Mid size         companies, to personal reach them in shortest possible time.

12.For Win-Win Situation,Like other corporates , EGS implements legal, logical structured      approach.

13.EGS helps and delivers you in the following Managed Candidates Solution areas:
i) If you want to start up your own business?
ii) Switch from your current job to next job!
iii) Connecting one to one with Government and Financial Institutions.
iv) To get a right job!
v) Job Security and Back up of Jobs?

vi) Enhances the probability of Internship programs for young freshers

14. Nowadays,Every body and Everything is working on basic fundamentals to improve day by day basis & to reduce cost.
Can you tell me , what is that?

This is known as structured data ,data and data.!!! and the basic requirement of everyone.

15. Why there is a need data?
Can anyone can explain?

Let me help you & elaborate it for you !

a) Data (which is an information) leads to facts and figures in this IT/ITES world.
b) Minimum Time and Investment, maximum benefits
c) Improves Productivity and Profits.
16.What is  TOC  fundamentals, Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma ,MS Excel Basics(TLSSE) ?
Does anyone has some Idea?
Ok!! Let me elaborate!
It mostly cuts through or in other words links to, all Industries and Functional domains.
Its a ..Management approach.!
It saves Rs. X figure cost and increase sales a through structured approach!in lesser time.

17.What corporates(like HCL,GE,Paharpur,Eicher Limited etc.) are following and implementing?
Any Guess?

18. Core areas /Summary /Benefits of TLSSE with EGS;
a) A Practical and Structured Approach!!
i) Cost Savings from 2% to 20% in 3-4 weeks
ii) Improves Individual’s working efficiency.
iii) Improves pre and post sales figures of organization from 2% to 20%
iv) Customer Retention
v) Based on facts and figures,which eradicates manipulation.
c) Implemented at Individual level (Self), implemented(even at Home)
d) Great demand in Market
e) Can be Mapped to maor manufacturing ,service industries and respective functional domains
f) Upskill Jobs creation with atleast 5 & 6 figures.
g) No complex coding involved,based on Statistics & Utilization of software.
h) Global reach & recognition of your skills
i) Increases Management Skills.
j) Enhances Creative Thinking and its Implementation in your respective field.
k) Continuous Thinking & Implementation.
l)  Increases Job Security.
m) Encourages every one on same page/platform.
n) Retaining existing customers and Building new customers in presales & post sales.

o) Enhance Profits from 2% to 20% in 3-4 three weeks.

j) Centralized Databank System

19Results : By implementing TLSSE ,
3P –Pilpack Cooling Ghaziabad , In association with Goldratt India
EGS saved Rs. 20 crore for the Investment of Rs. 230 crore , as they
were about to Invest additonal 10 crore for new machines.

20. After this awareness session , if you opt-in for TLSSE workshop?
EGS fills gap by connecting you with consultants,small companies, Mid Size .Organizations/Companies from various 360 degree business focus area across 138 Industries by connecting one to one with an option to choose your own jobs.

I , Thank you once again to attend this awareness session.of TLSSE.

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