Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’S]- Money Lending Services

*Issued in Public Interest by EGS!

a) Is it a legal process?

 Yes, It is 100% Legal process , where a unique Buyer/ Borrower protection is at highest priority.

b) What is / are prerequisites for filing Income Tax Return [ITR]?

A: (i) The PAN ID, Aadhaar id should be linked with registered email &

Mobile Number for filing Income Tax Returns .

  (ii) Check list KYC documents( as per Salaried or Business Profile).

c) Would Computation of Income [COI] to file Income Tax return is calculated by EGS?

A:  Yes, The complex Computation of Income [COI] in Income Tax (Direct Tax) ,GST Returns (Indirect Tax)  which  includes list of your detailed Income and Expenses (example :  Intangible Advances(Pre Paid)  Taxes paid to Banks, Service provider , Credit Interest received from Banks etc.) as per EGS prescribed format.

d) Will EGS share any delivered references for Money Lending Services?

A: Yes, based on request, EGS will share delivered references to the applicant (you).

e) Are there any visiting charges of EGS representatives?

A : The Pricing will be based on inspection/consulting.Minimum visiting charges of ₹ 449/- adjustable against the final bill applicable.

f) Is this Designed & Developed for myself & My Family?

A: Yes, it is designed & Developed for every Individual & Business i.e. yourself & your entire Family’s long term financial benefits /security with Zero Loop Holes.

g) Is it 100% Cash less treatment?

A: Depends on your (salaried or business) profile, it can be a 100% Cash


Checklist KYC / Pre-requisites Documents Required for an Individual [SALARIED PROFILE ]

•2 Passport Size Photograph.

•PAN Card.

•Aadhaar card / Voter ID.

•Company ID card.

•Offer letter.

•Latest Salary slip – 3 months.

• 3 Account Payee Cheques.

•Updated CIBIL Score (if known).

•Rent agreement/ Current address proof.

•Form -16 (last 2 years).

•ITR (last 2-3 years).

•Bank statement last 6 month. 

Documents required Co- Applicant

•Passport Size Photo +  Pan Card +  Aadhaar Card.

All Direct (Tangible) & Indirect (Intangible) Expenses as per EGS prescribed format.

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Checklist /Pre-requisites KYC Documents Required for a [BUSINESS PROFILE]

•2 Passport Size Photograph.

•PAN Card.

•AADHAAR Card / Voter ID.

•OFFICE address proof.

•GST Registration.

•Updated CIBIL Score (if known).

•Last three years ITR with complete (audited) balance sheet with all annexures .

•Electricity bill.

• 3 Account Payee Cheques.

•Latest 1 year all current and saving accounts bank statement.

•Co-applicant’s: 2 Passport Size Photo, PAN card & Aadhaar Card

All Direct (Tangible) & Indirect (Intangible) Expenses as per EGS prescribed format.


*Conditions Apply