Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’S]-MyProfile Funding Program

a) What is MyProfile funding Program?

A:  It’s a normal home or any loan process,borrowed from reputed banks, where anyone can applies a loan, where a customer/consumer pays LOCK-IN-PERIOD for a definite time (example : 20 years) and start investing by giving earnest money , booking amount. Which is legally documented between Borrower,Banks, Builder etc. and borrower/buyer pays his/her EMI’s. (equally Monthly Installment) as prescribed by Bank (Principal + Interest) rates for a desired time period & offered schemes ( by Reputed Builder) to borrower., under options: Construction Link , Subvention Scheme,100% down Payment.

Here’s EGS offers Secured Personal loan upto 110 lakhs (Non refundable-optional)  with a Recurring Lock –in- period of 24 months (or 2 years)., under Subvention scheme (i.e. NO EMI till possession) and may get remuneration upto 5% of Total Value disbursed amount from Reputed Bank of your valued (borrower) profile.

b) What if a builder runs away & takes off my money ?

A:  (i) No, The Builder (or borrower) cannot run way since till the time, his company pays off the Debts or loan amount of consumer / Banks, as his expected Assets > Liabilities (as per Case Study of M/s. Jaypee Infrastructures Limited)., which in turn Builder’s or borrower’s hits the CIBIL SCORE.

ii) Any Builder , who wants to do a Real estate Long term business , It is mandatory his company to be registered with (Real Estate Regulation and Development (RERA) act , 2016 by registering of approx. 25 lakhs + 18% GST ., (with Court benches to protect interest of home buyers (Financial Creditors). However, after paying all dues of Bank , No Objection Certificate [NOC] will be issued by either from bank to borrower (you), Builder or bank  {as per the agreement of Builder, Buyer, Bank [BBB]} .

(iii) Government of India implemented prevented laws , (Examples:  Shri Nirav Modi , Shri Vijay Mallaya] , so that either or ANYONE or  builder cannot runs away,as per The Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill, 2018 was passed by a voice vote in the Rajya Sabha 25-07-2018. The Lok Sabha had cleared this Bill on July 19 (Source : and ).

(iv) In the worst event(He runs away) ,  For compensation,, EGS will reports by raising a compensation Invoice on behalf of Borrower/Builder –  first to Builder, NCLT (National Company Law Appelllate Tribunal),Chamber of Indian Micro ,Small and Medium Enterprises). Ministry of MSME , Honourable Court of Noida/Delhi,Prime Minister’s office or any concerned department to bring back the Cheated Builder by applying for Seize their assets.

(v) The original papers or possession of  property is  lien with Reputed Bank,  till  dues are cleared by the borrower/builder to bank and without NOC of bank or builder, borrower or builder cannot either sell /resell /transfer /buy back the property to self or other person.

c) Is it a legal process?

 Yes, It is 100% Legal process , where a Buyer/ Borrower protection is at highest priority.

d) What is / are prerequisites for filing Income Tax Return [ITR]?

A: (i) The PAN ID, Aadhaar id should be linked with registered email &

Mobile Number for filing Income Tax Returns .

  (ii) Check list KYC documents( as per Salaried or Business Profile).

e) Would Computation of Income [COI] to file Income Tax return is calculated by EGS?

A:  Yes, The complex Computation of Income [COI] in Income Tax (Direct Tax) ,GST Returns (Indirect Tax)  which  includes list of your detailed Income and Expenses (example :  Intangible Advances(Pre Paid)  Taxes paid to Banks, Service provider , Credit Interest received from Banks etc.) as per EGS prescribed format.

f) Will EGS share any delivered references for MyProfile Funding Program?

A: Yes, based on request, EGS will share delivered references to the applicant (you).

g) Are there any visiting charges of EGS representatives?

A : The Pricing will be based on inspection/consulting.Minimum visiting charges of ₹ 449/- adjustable against the final bill applicable.

h) Will my Profile or CIBIL Score Gets affected in future?

A:  No, Since a Bank,  Borrower,  Builder [BBB] agreement (registered agreement –  optional) signed an agreement , If borrower(you) does not pay Bank EMI’s, on or before  due date , your CIBIL  Score   may get affected.It is recommended to pay You(borrower’s) Bank EMI on or before due date,or (whatever the case may be).

(i) Can My profile funding Program can be renewed after 2 years (24 months ) Lock –in-period?

A: Yes, It can renewed for upto 9 years.

Checklist KYC / Pre-requisites Documents Required for an Individual [SALARIED PROFILE

Checklist KYC / Pre-requisites Documents Required for an Individual [SALARIED PROFILE

•2 Passport Size Photograph.

•PAN Card.

•Aadhaar card / Voter ID.

•Company ID card.

•Offer letter.

•Latest Salary slip – 3 months.

•3 Cancelled Cheques.

•Updated CIBIL Score (if known).

•Rent agreement/ Current address proof.

•Form -16 (last 2 years).

•ITR (last 2-3 years).

•Bank statement last 6 month. 

Documents required Co- Applicant

•Passport Size Photo +  Pan Card +  Aadhaar Card.

All Direct (Tangible) & Indirect (Intangible) Expenses as per EGS prescribed format.

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Checklist /Pre-requisites KYC Documents Required for a [BUSINESS PROFILE]

•2 Passport Size Photograph.

•PAN Card.

•AADHAAR Card / Voter ID.

•OFFICE address proof.

•GST registration.

•Updated CIBIL Score (if known).

•Last three years ITR with complete (audited) balance sheet with all annexures .

•Electricity bill.

•3 Cancelled Cheques.

•Latest 1 year all current and saving accounts bank statement.

•Co-applicant’s: 2 Passport Size Photo, PAN card & Aadhaar Card

All Direct (Tangible) & Indirect (Intangible) Expenses as per EGS prescribed format.


*Conditions Apply