My Business School(Part3) Never let people tell you that you can’t

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Top 7 Business Trends that will drive success in 2016

The Rules For Disruptive Startups

Hello Disruptive Startups,

In a world economy where rapid change is the only constant, what is the best way for business to prepare for tomorrow?

Disruption is more than the buzzword it’s become.  But what is disruption?  It can be destructive or it can be constructive. It is at the intersection of “How it’s always been done” and “The new approach.” It’s the thing that causes revolutions of thought.

Disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and its value network, displacing the established market leaders and alliances.

Seminar Introduction

  1. Organizations these days are operating in a bewildering new environment in which little is certain, the tempo is quicker, and the dynamics are more complex.
  2. Business schools may prepare people to deal with internal crises.  But we need to be more prepared for external crises, where it’s not the strategy of the organizations that is in question; it’s the ability of leaders to figure out how to adapt that strategy.
  3. Ideas are now more important than materials. And ideas are unpredictable.
  4. In business, there may be no right answers but there are possibilities.  Don’t be afraid of failure.  It brings knowledge that something didn’t work.  Try something new.
  5. The future consumer choices will be shaped by emotion.  Not science and not logical.  People now trust opinions of a stranger more than what your organizations says about your products and services.  That’s the age of the NEWNormal.  In the NEW Normal, the future is already here.

Seminar Outlines

  1. Critical thinking and adversity attitude
  2. Collaboration across networks and influence by serving
  3. Agility and mindset
  4. Enthusiam and entrepreneurialism
  5. Effective oral and written communication
  6. Accessing and analysing information
  7. Curiosity and imagination

Who should attend?

  1. All individuals who have the capability to make a significant contribution to the current and future performance of the orgnaizations.
  2. Startups, Business Owners, Self-employed, CXOs, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Executives in large or small organisations. (Commercial, public sector or charity)
  3. All people that are building their business.
  4. Anyone who is responsible for putting together the business models and is interested to enable their business to stay ahead of the competition.

Early Bird Investment for attending this forum:  (Rs. 11,000 per participant after the early bird)

  1. Rs. 10000 per participant.
  2. Rs. 9500 each for two and above.
  3. Rs. 8500 each for groups of 10 and above.
  4. EGS members – Rs. 8500 each
  5. Get your entire team to attend for maximum effectiveness.
  6. Registrations will only be confirmed upon full payment.
  7. There will be no refund for cancellations. However, replacements are welcomed.
  8. The investment includes daily lunch and light refreshments.
  9. The Organizer reserves the right to make any amendment and/or change to the seminar program, venue, speaker replacement and/or topics if warranted by circumstances beyond its control.

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