Campaign-U.S. B2C Energy Campaign for DC Area. ( English and Spanish available or both)


U.S. B2C Energy Campaign for DC Area.

(English and Spanish available or both)

Min Agents to start : 5

Training provided and constant support.

Free Data will be provided; Call center can also use their own data if available, need to be DNC Scrubbed.

No Dialer, No VoIP provided.

Payments, 1st time in 3 weeks, then weekly.

Territory: Pepco.


Need to have the ability to record all sales calls and submit the ones that is a sale to an assigned FTP server.

Product: We supply electricity only to residences and business of all kinds in the DC Area. All products are available for both residential and business customers. We have a fixed 12-month product for electricity. We also have a monthly variable product for electricity. We have customers who have been on flow for over 21 months with our monthly product including large businesses.

Customer Benefits:
The 12 month fixed rate offers protection against seasonal rate spikes from the utility.

A customer can cancel the month to month product at any time with no penalty. Many customers prefer this flexibility to having a contract and a termination fee.

We try to beat the utility’s price every month.

We give 1% of our profits back to the community we operate in to improve recycling, garbage removal, clean up the environment and rivers. Our most recent donation was to the Bronx River Alliance. Our donations can create more jobs at these companies.

By purchasing carbon credits, RP&G gives the customer another way to benefit their environment by making their power 100% carbon neutral.

We also promote our business customers on our social media sites for free hoping to attract them more customers.

Commission Upfront Bounty:

Standard Electric = $55.00 (for each 2,000 annual kWh)

Special requirements.

The call center must be able to record all sales and upload them to our ftp server.

Their IT department must be skilled enough to set up a direct sip connection with our TPV Company.

They will be expected to work Monday through Saturday except for American Holidays.

Charge Backs:

Will occur on sales which are cancelled for any reason within 45 days of flow date. Marketer will receive charge back customer data and have the ability to reinstate each customer.

A retainer will be deducted from commission at the rate of 15%. If a reasonable amount is held in Escrow at RP&G’s sole discretion, charge backs will be deducted from Escrow amount being retained. Weekly Escrow monies will also be returned to MARKETER at RP&G’s sole discretion 60 days after the initial retained date.

Payment Time Line:

RP&G shall pay Marketer commissions weekly. A payment file for the week’s sales will be delivered to Marketer by RP&G 10 calendar days after the sales week completes. Payment will be delivered to Marketer 12 calendar days after the sales week completes. The sales week completes every Sunday.


Team Ennate Global Services(EGS)

Skype: eglobalservices