Campaign-Upsell / Cross sell US and Mexico with best money making campaign in the market.


We are seeking worldwide telemarketing groups that has  great primary (Core) campaigns in the US or Mexico where they can add this quick money earning campaign afterwards. We are able to provide you training and support for this long running campaign.

Laptop and doctor with stethoscope
Doctors hand holding a stethoscope through a laptop screen towards a patient

Campaign details.
Telemedicine is the future were anyone, legal or not in the US can have access to a Doctor if ill, plan covers 4 people and the plan gives access to 6 Live Medic consultation with prescription if required.

What is required?

  1. Any primary / core campaign, no restrictions on your primary campaign.
  2. This can be done in English / Spanish.
  3. Be able to obtain full customer information, Credit or Debit card information for sign up.

What is not allowed.
To use this as a stand alone campaign, primary (Core) campaign is essential for success.

What you get for this campaign.

  1. Company CRM to see your signups and residual income month after month.

What campaign offer you.

  1. Bi-weekly payments, each 15 days
  2. $12.00 per enrolled customers
  3. Monthly residual income, $5.00 each time a customer pays his monthlty subscription.
  4. Minimum 10 agents to start and able to grow in +60 days.
  5. This is a pay for performance campaign.

What is a qualified lead?
A customer where his payment transaction has been approved.

Important note:
This campaign can be done in the US and Mexico as well.

Important information> Conditions for this campaign cannot be negotiated in any level.



Team Ennate Global Services [EGS]

{Formerly Printways}

Skype: eglobalservices