Campaign-US AT&T Telecom Campaign for entire US Market


AT&T US Telecom Campaign for entire US Market


          Another program that works precise as well!

We are seeking a telemarketing group that has strong closing ability, is willing to operate within the compliance guidelines of our client, and has experience in closing sales in a US Telecom campaign were you need to obtain personal information such as SSN for credit verification and CC # as well. 

We are able to provide you Top training and support for the best US Telecom campaign in the market.

  • No Leads, No Dialer no VoIP provided.
  • Language: English
  • Residential Alarm systems
  • Payouts from $10.00 to $50.00 per installed consumer.(Depends on TV, ADSL, Fiber, Mobile)
  • Payments, monthly net 30. Anything installed by the end of January pays out end of February.
  • Training in English.
  • CRM provided, voice recodings required for each sign up.
  • Long-term campaign!
  • Min 5 agents to 10 agents to start.
  • Previous US Telecom – Alarm campaign experience required.
  • No skype dialing

What is required.

Past US Telecom campaign experience which is a requirement.

What you need for this campaign.

  • Calling Data
  • Your own dialer
  • VoIP provider

What you get.

  • Payment Monthly, direct wire to your account.
  • All produced this month is paid at the end of next month.
  • Payment from  $50.00 per installed customer. (Basic Package)
  • Extra Payments  for Internet, phone, fiber
  • Each accepted payable sale is paid based on full installation at clients location
  • Per sale commission structure
  • Full Training will be given on Skype.
  • We expect a minimum of 5-10 agents to start the program, with the ability to add more to continue to drive sales.
  • Long term campaign.
  • We expect the average SPD per agent to meet a minimum of 1 to 2.
  • The ideal company should be seeking a long term relationship as we are looking for a long term. Partnership
  • We will provide back office support to include daily reporting, and training materials.

What is required by you.

Ø  Previous US Telecom campaign experience is a must.

Ø  Agents that understand and speak English very good as 1st languange.

Ø  English / Spanish speaking program only.

Ø  Have a dialer and minutes available. (No compensation for these given).

Ø  You must be able to begin within 3 working days of a  signed contract being  in place.

Ø  Working hours range for M-F 10:00AM till 9:00PM EST & Sauturday 11:00AM til 6:00PM EST.

FAQS of the process

  1. Time span for increasing the  seats?

When sales is tracked and quality is with no issues

  1. Any role for incentives? See below in tabular form
  2. Do we need to sign up either with you or the client?

With EGS, we are the signed party

  1. Would skype training would be provided by the client or by yourself to the call center?

Training partners will do that, takes a few hours

  1. What is the long term contract period for the center? If this contract would be extended further?

Min 12 months, if no quality issues or DNC violation campaign will go for years.

  1. What would be percentage shared on each sale?

Call center running the campaign will get 100% of making, you will be signed as an Authorized call center with EGS.

Here is the complete incentives for the AT&T campaign.


U-Verse TV Price
Family $22.00
U100 $22.00
U200 $42.00
U200 Latino $42.00
U300 $45.00
U450 $48.00
U-Verse HSIA
Express $29.00
Pro $35.00
Elite $38.00
Max $41.00
Max 18 $44.00
Max Turbo $47.00
power $50.00
U-Verse Voip
AT & T U-Verse Voice Unlimited $20.00
AT & T U-Verse Voice International $20.00
AT & T U-Verse Voice 250 $19.00
Landline Voice
Naked Access Lines $8.00
Access Line w Complete Choice Basic $13.00
Access Line w Complete Choice Enhanced $16.00
Access Line with All Distance $19.00
Lineshare DSL
FA DSL Lite/ Basic $10.00
FA DSL Ultra/Express $16.00
FA DSL Extreme 3.0/ Pro $18.00
FA DSL Extreme 6.0/ Elite $19.00
DSL Direct
FA DSL Direct 768k/Basic $9.00
FA DSL Direct 1.5M/Express $15.00
FA DSL Direct 3.0M/ Pro $17.00
FA DSL Direct 6.0M/ Elite $18.00
IPDSLAM Basic $10.00
IPDSLAM Express $23.00
IPDSLAM Pro $27.00
IPDSLAM Elite $29.00
IPDSLAM Max $32.00
IPDSLAM Max Plus $34.00
IPDSLAM Max Turbo $36.00




Services (not a campaign)

  1. US VoIP and SIP provider with best rates in the market.
  2. Full Spectrum Credit and Debit card payment processing.
  3. Tips for protecting you agains BPO scammers.

If this has your interest let me know right away ,if you have some questions, let me know by email only. 


Important information: EGS does not allow brokers, consultants or “middle men” of any kind unless otherwise approved by egs. We NEVER charge any start up fees or up-front fees what so ever to launch our campaign. Under no circumstances should any person or company request a fee or commission from your center to run our campaigns. We require that we are contracted directly with the call center and call center owner generating the campaign and that we have direct access to the sales floor, managers and agents when requested via Skype video. We also insist that the call center receives and keeps 100% of the commissions.

No payment should ever be given to a 3rd party by the contracted center. Notify Ennate Global Services of this immediately if this is to occur.