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At our company, we start off at per agent per month with unlimited VOIP. This includes automated reporting, a dedicated American management team for your campaign, 24/7 IT support, penetration reports, data analysis reporting (meaning we figure out a way to use less data with higher sales conversion), a smart script builder that shows the correct objections when they are asked by the customer, built in Avatar and much more. 






Features & Benefits

Automated Reporting
Performance Threshold Push Notifications
Employee Onboarding Portal
Conditional Script Builder


Call center requirements.

Min 15 agents and up.

If you have this we can offer you a free trial to try out this amazing dialer that increases your productivity by far more then you ever could imagine.

Conditions cannot be negotiated in any directions.


Important information> Conditions for this campaign cannot be negotiated in any level.

This campaign does not require any upfront fees, deposit or payments; it’s 100% free like all other campaigns from EGS. However , See EGS Private Policy and Terms & Conditions apply.

Watch Video …EGS Business Model for any call centre..

For more information and to get started, contact us asap.


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