Code of Conduct

This is a Code of Rights, which sets minimum standards of Ennate Global Services [EGS] practices ,strategic partners have to follow while they deal with individuals/customers & people.


It provides protection to customers/clients and explains how EGS isare expected to deal with customers in their day-to-day operations.

The Code does not replace or supersede regulatory or supervisory instructions of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and we will comply with such instructions/directions issued by RBI from time to time. Provisions of the Code may have set higher standards than those prescribed in the regulatory instructions and such higher standards will prevail as the Code represents best practices voluntarily agreed to by us as our commitment to you.

We will endeavour to adopt higher standards of banking practices to extend better customer service and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

We refer to captioned agreement executed between strategic partners/Service Provider and the Ennate Global Services where under you’ve been providing us the services.

Pls. note that:- 

  1. Code of Conduct shall form  an integral part of the Agreement executed between strategic partners/Service provider  and the Ennate Global Services;
  2. Code of Conduct needs to be strictly adhered to by Service provider and its staff;
  3. Violation of Code of Conduct shall be considered as violation of terms of the Agreement and would also qualify under “event of default’ liable for termination of the agreement at the discretion of the Ennate Global Services.


General Code of Conduct

All our Business Associates and their employees must be ambassadors of the Ennate Global Services (Company). They are committed to supply services of the highest quality standards to ensure total customer satisfaction. This must reflect in all their interactions with the customers & any other parties associated with the process. Accurate & complete documentation of all interactions with the customer & any third parties should be maintained.


 In order to protect sensitive and competitive information of the Ennate Global Services, all Business Associates must sign a non-disclosure agreement in a format provided by the Company.

Each Business Associate is responsible to ensure that the principals, managers, and staff are aware and adhere to the provisions of the non-disclosure requirement contained in the non disclosure agreement.

The non-disclosure requirement commits the Business Associate to maintain the confidentiality of Ennate Global Services’s all non-public data and information, whether oral or written that may come into its possession through its business relationship with the Ennate Global Services.  This non-disclosure requirement covers all, but is not limited to, scientific or technical information, designs, ideas, processes, procedures, formulae, improvements, information relating to any of the Company’s current or proposed products, services, methods, businesses or business plans, market pricing, distribution and business strategies, information relating to the Company’s relationship with any of its customers, suppliers, agents or employees and any other information.

The Business Associate shall not disclose any confidential information to any person except to those under him on a “need to know” basis to enable such persons to conduct the business.

The Business Associate shall not be authorised to represent the Ennate Global Services if its business conduct and ethics are known to be inconsistent with the Ennate Global Services Code of conduct.


 Neither the Business Associate nor its employees are authorized to provide information or interviews to the news media on behalf of the Ennate Global Services.

All requests for interviews, information, or comments on the cellular or communications industry from any form of print or broadcast media are to be referred to the appropriate Ennate Global Services representative/employee.

 Service Head or any other responsible person from the Ennate Global Services should approve any advertisements given in newspaper or any other media for recruitment of executives etc.

Snapshot of the Code of Conduct 

  • All dealings with professionalism, honesty and integrity
  • Delivering goods and services of the highest quality
  • Complying with applicable laws and regulations
  • Using the Ennate Global Services’s assets only for business purposes,if required.
  • Not misusing the Ennate Global Services’s  information to which access is given
  • Not receiving or offering any illegal payments or gifts
  • Not engaging in activities that are in conflict with the Ennate Global Services’s interests

Overall Guidelines:

 The employees of the Business Associate should have a minimum qualification of High School graduation.


The employee of the Business Associate must be neat & clean in his/her appearance. Male employees should be well shaved; moustaches & beards should be neatly trimmed & well maintained. 

Dress Code 

All Business Associate employees are required to dress in a professional manner. It is expected that employees will dress in good taste and be representative of the business like image the company wishes to present to its customers.

Preferred Dress Code

  • Clean well-pressed light colored shirt & dark trousers
  • Dark colored well polished leather shoes
  • Chappals & dirty soiled clothes are not acceptable under any circumstances

Any Business associate employee whose appearance is found to be not up to the mark should be sent back for the day & his/her duties should be reallocated to the other employees.


  • Shave daily
  • Short & well-combed hair
  • Use mint/ Mouth freshener
  • Wear shoes & socks
  • Wear trousers with shirt tucked in
  • Wear identity card as a badge



  • No bad breath
  • No t- shirts
  • No sandals
  • No long nails
  • Wear any other company’s logo

Personal Safety

  • If a customer calls the PCR or the police for the purpose of lodging a complaint, false or otherwise, vacate the premises immediately and contact your supervisor. Do not attempt to deal with the situation yourself without support.
  • If a customer attempts physical abuse or threat of violence do not attempt to deal with the situation yourself. Contact your supervisor and leave the premises immediately.
  • Be careful while dealing with customers in sensitive areas.


All Business Associate employees in their interactions with the customer,

  • Should identify themselves as representatives of Ennate Global Services, exceptions can be made in cases where whereabouts of customer are being traced.
  • Should always use formal address with the customer.
  • Should not under any circumstances make use of slang or of any form of informal address/ language.
  • Should be sincere, polite yet firm in all their interactions with the customer.
  • Be brief and to the point
  • Should not engage in any conduct or practice, which harasses, oppresses or abuses any person (not just the customer) in connection with collection of outstanding amount.
  • Should be especially sensitive in their interactions with the elderly, the physically/ mentally handicapped & young children.
  • If required,Visits are to be only made between 10.00 am and 8.00 pm unless prior permission of customer has been sought.
  • No refreshments to be accepted at customer’s residence except drinking water

The following conduct is strictly prohibited:


  • The use or threat of violence or other criminal means to harm the physical person, reputation or property of any person.
  • The use of obscene, profane or abusive language.
  • Making telephone calls without meaningful disclosure of the callers identity (except when calling to obtain location information)

 Fraudulent Practices

Fraudulent practices can lead to immediate termination of employment, addition of the employees name to the black list, prosecution and police complaints on the concerned agent. The following practices are defined as fraudulent practices:

  • Tampering, falsification or unauthorized overwriting of checks, drafts and other negotiable instruments.
  • Tampering, falsification and false commitments on receipts and settlement letters.
  • Using the cash payment of customer for personal purpose even for a temporary period.
  • Filing false complaints on customers for the purpose of intimidation.


If required,The field executives must carry a bag containing

  • Case Details  of customer
  • ID card (as per format duly approved by the Ennate Global Services)
  • Letter of authorization from company in case ID card has not been issued as yet
  • Visiting card
  • Supervisor’s name, address and contact number
  • Or any other things which requires to complete the overall business interest of the company. 

Standards Compliance

The employee/Service Provider shall at all times follow the standard operating procedure wherever clearly laid out. In case of any ambiguity, the employee should revert back to the Business Associate supervisor or Ennate Global Services coordinator for further instructions.

Professional Ethics

The employee shall not under circumstances make any verbal or written commitment without the permission of the Company for any discounts, waivers, adjustments or any other matters outside his purview. The employee shall also ensure that adequate homework is done about the account before the account is actually addressed.




EGS-Vendor /Service Provider Registration


Checklist for Vendor (Strategic Partner )Registration

  1. Escalation matrix Letterhead

2. Letter head

3. Proforma for Indemnification Statutory Compliance


5. Vendor Registration Form