1) EGS  System of Business Improvements (BSBI)

A powerful methodology that creates a customized program for your most important challenges and supports projects till the very end via coaching and reviews. We utilize up to 14 competencies in BSBI.

2) EGS Build, Operate (BBOT)

We BUILD World Class Processes for you, OPERATE them with you and TRANSFER them to you using our globally recognized system.

3) Customized Certification Workshops

All 14 competencies of public training programs are available after customization as Corporate Programs. Programs are also re-created by combining some competencies.

Our Services

EGS System of Business Improvement


If the leadership team of a strategic business unit of a company wants to get key people together to focus on problems of strategic importance and execute those projects with guidance of business improvement experts, EGS System of Business Improvement carries all the answers.

EGS BOT program for Growth

All startups, most SME’s and Strategic Business Units of large companies have to experiment a lot while creating a business process to address business growth. The Benchmark Build Operate and Transfer Program is fundamentally based on Lean Six Sigma Methodology. It also draws from Benchmark Six Sigma expertise from other excellence approaches like AHP, BPR, Business Value Analyst, Business Modeling, DFSS and PM Champion.