EGS BOT program for Growth

EGS BOT program for Growth

All startups, most SME’s and Strategic Business

Units of large companies have to experiment a lot while creating a business process to address business growth. The EGS Build Operate and Transfer Program is fundamentally based on Lean Six Sigma Methodology.

It also draws from EGS Six Sigma expertise from other excellence approaches like AHP, BPR, Business Value Analyst, Business Modeling, DFSS and PM Champion.


Target Companies: – Start-ups, Early stage of business excellence, Small and Medium Enterprises and new divisions of large companies.


Growth Projects undertaken:

  • B2B strategic business plan – Market research, SWOT analysis, competitive intelligence, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Risk Analysis.
  • GTM business plan – Design route to market, identification of alliance and channel partners, strategic talent hiring, assistance in company formation and setup through associate partners.
  • A unique ACPG (Alternate Channel Promoter Group) program* targeted towards companies looking at entry or expansion into Asia Pacific market. Provides a lean and highly efficient virtual sales, marketing and business development operations with experienced in-country field representatives across all major countries in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Client acquisition and set up process – to ensure 100% first time right for all clients.
  • Customer Loyalty Program design.
  • Customer retention process.
  • Digital Marketing process – Design social media presence with optimum SEO guidelines and enablement of e-commerce channels.
  • Product Promotion and Pricing strategies.
  • Brand touch point analysis & provide capabilities to collect consumer insights from multiple touch point.
  • Project quote and execution estimation process & focused mainly on services and IT managed services companies to ensure elimination of guesswork and trial and error process.

Typical program duration – 6 to 12 months duration*
ACPG program is for a minimum contract period of 2 years.