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Learn the most in-demand business, tech and creative skills taught by industry experts.

Learn the most in-demand business, tech and creative skills taught by industry experts.

Elaboration of TLSSE:

T=Theory of Constraints fundamentals,

L=Lean Six Sigma

S= Six Sigma

S= Sales

E= MS Excel Basics

TLSSE are the discipline of planning, executing, and managing a process and/or team to achieve a desired goal. It is a skill that is applicable in almost all industries, and regardless of the business function. Whether you are from HR, logistics, marketing, engineering, and the like, project management is that one skill that gives you a bird’s eyeview of a project-

-is it meeting the allotted budget? Is it on track to deadline? Are we hiring the right people for the project? How much are we expecting to earn from this endeavor?

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Smart and effective project managers know how to plan and draw upon their resources to make the most effective decisions. They are also powerful motivators and are able to inspire the best performances from their team members to achieve the project objectives. Learn how you too can leverage on the essential tools and techniques to master the art of project management from this insightful programme.

In the globalized market, nothing beats the company with employees that are well equipped not only to delight their customers, but more importantly on how to handle customer complaints effectively, and deal with difficult people and situation proactively. This learning session aims to equip the participants with useful set of skills in dealing with and managing complaints, difficult people, customers and officemates alike.

Customer Experience Strategies (CES) encompass all customer touchpoints across the organization. From product or service awareness and discovery, to employee interaction and negotiation, to the purchase and use of products or services, customers use their experience to sum up and gauge their satisfaction level which can result to either customer loyalty or disgust. This learning session aims to equip participants with the skills to understand your clients’ needs, to come across as reputable and trustworthy professionals, and to deliver excellent service to your clients so as to retain them as highly delighted customers.

Learning Session Objectives:

The specific objectives of this unique fun-filled learning experience are;

  • Creatively Deliver Faster and Better Service;
  • Effectively Connect With Customers and Ensure Delightful Customer Experience;
  • Build Your Credibility with Customers and Add Value to Your Organization; and
  • Encourage Repeat Business;
  • Understand why customers complain and how to manage their expectations;
  • Find new and effective techniques of handling different types of complaints;
  • Gain confidence when face with a difficult person or situation;
  • Turn a complaint into a positive customer experience;
  • To appreciate the value of TLS regardless of your business function in the company;
  • To apply TLS skills in planning, organizing and executing projects; and
  • To learn strategies and tactics in moving team members and decision-makers that will influence the success of your project.


Key Benefits for Attending this Learning Session:

In this session, your organization will be able to:

  • Inspire Optimism and Passion at Work Among Employees
  • Develop Solution-Focused Employee
  • Enable employees to effectively deal with different personality types
  • Equip the participants with useful set of skills in dealing with difficult people and situation
  • Make organizational leaders more effective in handling people at work.
  • Plan projects effectively.
  • Execute projects on time and on budget;
  • Managing and influencing Project Teams and stakeholders;
  • Identifying and controlling Risks defensively; and
  • Monitoring and meeting KPIs;

In this session(s), participants will be able to:

  • Anticipate and understand clients’ needs and deliver their expectations.
  • Demonstrate ways to become reputable and trustworthy professionals.
  • Deliver excellent service to your clients so as to retain them as highly delighted customers.
  • Learn useful set of skills in dealing with and managing complaints
  • Effectively deal with difficult people, customers and officemates alike
  • Assess difficult situations and proactively come up with solutions
  • Develop coping strategies after dealing with angry customers

Learning Session Outline:

A. Secrets to a Strong Foundation of Excellent Service 
  • Understand How Excellent Customer Service Increases Income and Upholds Organizational Health
B. Delighting the Internal and External Customer
  • Recognize the Two Levels of Customer Service
C. Managing Customer Expectations
  • Save Time and Reduce Stress by Focusing on the Top Two Expectations of Customers
D. Words, Whisper, and the World Wide Web
E. This session shall mix both theory and group exercises in ensuring that participants fully appreciate the value of TLS  in their careers and personal lives.
Understand the Power of Words, the Social Media and the Use of Persuasive Language Patterns.
Learning Session Process:
This session will utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes discussions, presentations and mini-exercises.
Learning Session Outline:
A.  Understanding why People Complain
  • 4 Types of People Who Complain

B.  5 Steps to Strategic Complaint Management 

  • Complaints as Performance Indicator

C.  Effective Ways of Getting Customer Feedback

  • Winning Back a Lost Customer

B.  Dealing With Anger

  • Dealing With Angry People and an Angry Self
Learning Investment:
Learning Investment for this 40 to 60 hours  Learning Session
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