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An Important Note to Investors:

Dear Investor,

We feel pleasure to offer Investment Opportunities.

As The Name Suggest EGS ( “Converting Your Dreams Into Realities”.)

We as Real Estate Management Consultants believe An Investment  in Properties as Assets ,shelter and Securing individuals which is a real Dream of any one in any capacity oneself is adhering To.

Recommend Investments Right From Residential to Commercial ,Institutional Such a School, Educational Institution, Hospital, Hotel & IT and as an individual.

We are Associated with Leading Developers of The Country, to Know The Exact Requirement of our Customers. We Suggest and Guide Our Customers to invest in Genuine Project which can fetch them a handsome Rental & saleable Returns.

Recommended Investment in Commercial and Office Space (In 5 Star Environment) with Assured return of 10% to 12% with exalted developers ongoing Projects with High appreciation.

Investment Recommended For Residential Apartment on Down Payment / Flexi / Construction Link Plan (CLP) Plans. Possession and High Appreciation within tenure of 2 to 3 years in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon & Delhi NCR (India). Ready to Move Flats Also Available in Delhi & NCR (India).

Special Services, on Demand ,can be provided on National levels .We do have opportunities to invest for Industrial Plots, Ready to move industrial premises suitable for setting up industrial and other requirements like I.T. Parks and I.T. sector etc..


Please do not hesitate to contact us for your requirements at or 0120-4214442


Business Proposal:

[ D e s c r i p t i on ]

Ennate Global Services (Formerly Printways,United Associates) is keen interested to work with you. We are  dynamic business real estate consulting company founded by experts with a single goal of providing managed best services in Real Estates.

Real Estate Division is a professional service provider for your every Real Estate needs. We are into the business of real estate consultancy from last many years and are professional group who are primarily into buying, selling, & leasing of both residential and commercial properties in Delhi & NCR and rendering our services to individuals and corporate.

Since Now Being in The Trade Of Realities We  Render our Services to our Clients For Renting, Sale, Purchase, Institutional Corporate Assignment And Corporate Booking with Our Developers at the Most Competitive Special Corporate Price.

Table of Contents

Page            Description

1                  Executive Summary

1 (a)            The Objective

1 (b)           Our Commitment

2                 Market Strategy & Understanding

2 (a)          Understanding your organization/individual needs

2 (b)          A strong technical background

2 (c)           Our commitment

3.               Improving of client/customer selection

3 (a)          An experienced team

3 (b)        An intelligent match/mapping

3 (c)       A good win-win partnership

  1.          Services Offered

Executive Summary

The Objective…

ENNATE GLOBAL SERVICES (FORMERLY PRINTWAYS,UNITED ASSOCIATES)  Consultants is a dynamic business consulting company founded by well qualified, experienced and experts with a single goal of providing highly services  in the Real Estates. The firm is established by experienced and talented leaders with a very strong background; to primarily focus on understanding customer’s taste and needs.. Throughout our experience, we have built strong foundation in BPO/KPO/IT/Real Estate/ITES and our work has largely grown due to recommendations and referrals from satisfied clients and customers.

This depth of experience, combined with the way we work, gives us a confidence and clarity about our business which in turn allows us to focus all our energies on making the difference

Our Commitment…

Whilst we offer a broad range of consultancy services, we do so committed to the effective implementation of practical solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

Our unique client commitment is that we:

  • Invest our time to understand your vision, objectives, issues and opportunities
  • Bespoke the process that delivers the best practical solution.
  • Commit to measurable and enduring results.


The company is established and managed by consultants with a strong BPO/KPO/ITES/Real Estate background to primarily focus on understanding Client’s priorities needs. We believe that our combined experience, diversity and methods allow us to bring your money the best resources available and look forward to working with you in the future.

We are serving with the leading prestigious builders of the country like Jaypee Greens, Unitech, 3C, EMAR, Earth Infrastructure,Imperia Structure, Today Homes and Infrastructure, DLF and many more to feed up customer requirements from smallest to biggest in Realities.

We are also into original booking of plots, flats and commercial spaces developed by all the reputed developers.

We value your money and time.




click-hereMarket Strategy & Understanding

In our experience, poor investments are often derived from poor studies of

  • Incorrect understanding of investments
  • Mislead to investments

At Ennate Global Services (Formerly Printways,United Associates) we understand your Dreams of Realities and no wonder how we convert Your Dreams into Realities. We are proud to mention that we have strong networking of our associates in Delhi/NCR and across world to meet your specific requirement and to offer information and services at the shortest possible time.

From this very simple principle, we have built an unique and value add  methodology and approach that distinguished itself from others organizations

Work flow management.jpgUnderstanding customer/client  (ENNATE GLOBAL SERVICES) approach towards clients/customers)

Our approach is to work with our clients strategically, building long term relationships that consistently deliver results,through word of mouth. Our difference is our strength:

  1. Understanding your organization/individual needs.

Having directly worked in the past is a clear advantage; we believe we are well positioned to understand your unique structure and cultural philosophy. By adapting to your style and culture and by working harmoniously “with” you rather than doing something “to” you, we are able to establish a continuing relationship and become a part of your resource pool.

  1. A strong technical background

As already mentioned we have a team of qualified,experienced ,expertise and knowledge,

we focus on understanding carefully your needs and orientations. Thus, we are in a much stronger position to effectively provide management consultancy services that make a real difference to performance

  1. Our commitment

We are fully committed to work with you and to establish a tailored and detailed job specification. We provide on-site visit to make sure that your requirements are well understood and fully captured.

Improving of client/customer selection

Our approach is to work with our consultants strategically, building long term relationships that consistently deliver results. Our difference is our strength:

  1. An experienced team

Our team is established purely by former and current consultants; from our international BPO/KPO experience, we were able to build close, strong and long-term relationship with our Clients.

  1. An intelligent match/mapping

Our consultants are rigorously screened and interviewed to assess their suitability and performance based on client’s needs and personal interests; we track history, including financial credentials and consult references prior to putting forward to our client .

  1. A good win-win partnership

Our win -win partnership with others reputable organisations allows us to ensure that we are always in a position to provide the right service at the right time and therefore to maximise our client’s business potential.

Services Offered by ENNATE GLOBAL SERVICES(Management Consultants)

ENNATE GLOBAL SERVICES(EGS) recognizes that each client/customer is different, so in order to appeal to as many as clients as possible we offer clients a wide and flexible range of services to ensure that our customer’s needs are met as speedily and as accurately as possible. These services are provided within the BPO/KPO/IT/ITES/TELECOM sector – our core expertise.

  • Contract Assignments
  • Solution Provider

ENNATE GLOBAL SERVICES is driven by a passion for success and an unreasoning commitment to timely and effective results.

To our Clients / Customers:

  • To positively contribute to the success and growth of our clients businesses by building solid wi- win long-term partnerships and securing highly skilled and specialist individuals Ennate Global Services for them.
  • To understand the needs of individual within the specialist skills market place in order to secure contracts.
  • To apply best practice in all we do and to constantly strive to provide and develop the highest level of service available to our clients/customers.


We hope to have a long lasting relationship with you and are looking forward to have great business regarding your any real estate needs and assure you our best to:

“Convert your Dreams into Realities”

Revised Circle Rates, Current Stamp Duty Rate in Noida Nov 2016

Check minimum circle rate and stamp duty payable on property registration in Noida

*Last Updated 22nd Nov 2016

What are the current latest circle rates in Noida?

  • Currently, circle rates in Noida for residential plots range from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 119,050 per square meter
  • For residential apartments the 2016-17 circle rates range from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 55,000 per square meter
  • As per the latest available notification, current circle rates for commercial properties range from Rs. 155,000 per square meter to Rs. 567,000 per square meter

Current stamp duty rates in Noida:

                    Stamp Duty Rate                 Rates
                                                 Males                                            7%
                                         Females                                            7%
Male and Female Joint Owners       7%

What are the registration charges payable for registering property in Noida?

  • Registration charges are an additional levy over and above the stamp duty and are levied to cover the cost of running registration offices by the government
  • While registering property in Noida you will need to pay a registration fee of Rs. 10,000 plus tax

What does circle rate in Noida depend upon? Are the rates same across Noida?

  • Circle rates tend to vary across various areas of Noida depending upon the market value of the area and the facilities that are available in that area
  • Typically, government tends to assign higher circle rate to commercial properties and lower rates for residential properties
  • Circle rates also depend upon the type of the property. Registrar value of flats and apartments in Noida is different from that of plots and independent houses even in the same area
  • Luxury apartments in Noida with amenities such as security, power back-up, covered car parking, open car parking, lift, swimming pool have to bear an additional loading for calculating circle rates. Maximum loading is capped at 15% of the basic value
 Description  Amount(INR)
                           Covered Parking                                     300,000
                              Open Parking                                   150,000
                           Power Backup                                        3%
                      Security Guard                                        3%
                      Community Centre/Club                                        3%
                         Swimming Pool                                        3%
                                       Gym                                        3%
Lift 3%
  • In case of high rise apartments, the government allows for a floor relief at the rate of 2% per floor rise for flats on 4th floor and above. However, the maximum floor relief is capped at 20% of the basic value
  • For constructed property such as houses, bungalows, and row houses, the value of construction is linked to the age of the construction. Rate for first class RCC construction is taken as ₹15,000 per square meter and that for second class RCC construction is taken as ₹14,000 per square meter. Formula for calculating value of construction is:
    Rate of construction per square meter less (Rate of construction) multiplied by (age of construction) multiplied by 0.9 divided by 80).

How to calculate value of a property for payment of stamp duty in Noida using circle rates?

Simply follow the following steps to calculate the value at which stamp duty is payable on purchase of property in Noida
Simply follow the following steps to calculate the value at which stamp duty is payable on purchase of property in Noida
Step 1 – Check the built up area of the property, its other features like floor, amenities, age of construction and plot area
Step 2 – Select the applicable property type from among all the listed property types (e.g., is the property a flat or a plot or a house or a builder floor or a shop or a commercial unit)
Step 3 – Calculate the minimum assessed value as per current circle rate as below:
                                     Description                                Explanation
Builder floors built on independent plots Sum of:

  • Proportionate share in area of plot in square meter multiplied by applicable circle rate for land in the locality in Rs. per square meter
  • Built up area multiplied by minimum cost of construction in Rs. per square meter
                         Residential apartments For Noida authority flats, EWS flats and Shramik flats, sum of:

  • Built up area of flat in square meter multiplied by applicable circle rate for flats in Rs. per square meter * (1+ total % loading for amenities) * (1 – floor relief)
  • Number of open car parking slots multiplied by ₹ 150000
  • Number of covered car parking slots multiplied by ₹ 300000
  • Area of plot in square meter multiplied by applicable circle rate for land in the locality in ₹ per square meter
                     House Constructed on Plot Sum of:

  • Area of plot in square meter multiplied by applicable circle rate for land in the locality in ₹per square meter
  • Built up area in square meter multiplied by per square meter construction cost adjusted for age, which is calculated as [(Rate of construction per square meter less (Rate of construction) multiplied by (age of construction) multiplied by 0.9 divided by 80)]

What is the difference between market rate and circle rates?

  • Circle rates are notified by the government and are used as reference point for payment of stamp duty on property transaction registrations in Noida
  • Market prices refer to the actual price at which property sale-purchase transactions are transacted between buyers and sellers
  • In most cases, circle rates tend to be slightly lower than market prices. However, in some cases it is seen that the circle rates may even be higher than market prices

What are NOIDA authority transfer fees payable for transfer of property in Noida records?

Property in Noida is leasehold and not freehold. The Noida authority is the owner of the property and gives out property on 90 year lease. Before sale – purchase or transfer of property, the seller must obtain a transfer permission or transfer memorandum from the Noida authority. This requirement applies to all properties built on plots allotted by the Noida authority including on flats built by private developers and builders on land allotted by Noida authority. Transfer fee or TM fee, as it is called, varies based on location of the property and is charged based on the area of the property. The charges may, at times, be almost the same as the stamp duty payable on registration of the property. Note that transfer charges payable to Noida authority are in addition to the stamp duty payable on registration. Some people argue that this amounts to double taxation.

How to obtain TM or transfer permission from Noida authority?

The seller needs to make an application with the Noida authority in prescribed format known as “Transfer Application Form” on stamp paper. See attached format of the Transfer Application Form. The permission, once granted, is valid for six months. Transfer charges are payable alongwith the application and other documents as prescribed in the application form. Noida Transfer Application Form and Documents Required.

 Flats, Apartments

                                       Property Type                  Circle Rate*
                                       Builder Flats Rs. 32,000 to Rs. 55,000 per square meter
                                          EWS Flats Rs. 28,000 per square meter
                                       Shramik Flats Rs. 25,000 per square meter

Residential Plots 

                                     Property Type             Circle Rate*
                          On Upto 12m Road Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 103,500 per square meter
                              On 12-18m Road Rs. 42,000 to Rs. 108,700 per square meter
                             On 18-24m Road Rs. 44,000 to Rs. 113,850 per square meter
                             On more 24m Road Rs. 46,000 to Rs. 119,050 per square meter

Commercial Plots

                                    Property Type                 Circle Rate*
                                    Upto 100 Sqm Rs. 306,000 to Rs. 567,000 per square meter
                                          100-1,000 Sqm Rs. 250,000 to Rs. 510,000 per square meter
                                    1,000-10,000 Sqm Rs. 189,000 to Rs. 459,000 per square meter
                                     More than 10,000 Sqm Rs. 155,000 to Rs. 330,000 per square meter

Sectors in Noida

  • Sector 1
  • Sector 2
  • Sector 3
  • Sector 4
  • Sector 5
  • Sector 6
  • Sector 7
  • Sector 8
  • Sector 9
  • Sector 10
  • Sector 11
  • Sector 12
  • Sector 14
  • Sector 14A
  • Sector 15
  • Sector 15A
  • Sector 16
  • Sector 16A
  • Sector 16B
  • Sector 17
  • Sector 18
  • Sector 19
  • Sector 20
  • Sector 21
  • Sector 22
  • Sector 23
  • Sector 24
  • Sector 25
  • Sector 25A
  • Sector 26
  • Sector 27
  • Sector 28
  • Sector 29
  • Sector 30
  • Sector 31
  • Sector 32
  • Sector 33
  • Sector 34
  • Sector 35
  • Sector 36
  • Sector 37
  • Sector 38
  • Sector 38A
  • Sector 39
  • Sector 40
  • Sector 41
  • Sector 42
  • Sector 43
  • Sector 44
  • Sector 45
  • Sector 46
  • Sector 47
  • Sector 48
  • Sector 49
  • Sector 50
  • Sector 51
  • Sector 52
  • Sector 53
  • Sector 54
  • Sector 55
  • Sector 56
  • Sector 57
  • Sector 58
  • Sector 59
  • Sector 60
  • Sector 61
  • Sector 62
  • Sector 63
  • Sector 63A
  • Sector 64
  • Sector 65
  • Sector 66
  • Sector 67
  • Sector 68
  • Sector 69
  • Sector 70
  • Sector 71
  • Sector 72
  • Sector 73
  • Sector 74
  • Sector 75
  • Sector 76
  • Sector 77
  • Sector 78
  • Sector 79
  • Sector 80
  • Sector 81
  • Sector 82
  • Sector 83
  • Sector 84
  • Sector 85
  • Sector 86
  • Sector 87
  • Sector 88
  • Sector 89
  • Sector 90
  • Sector 91
  • Sector 92
  • Sector 93
  • Sector 93A
  • Sector 93B
  • Sector 94
  • Sector 95
  • Sector 96
  • Sector 97
  • Sector 98
  • Sector 99
  • Sector 100
  • Sector 101
  • Sector 102
  • Sector 103
  • Sector 104
  • Sector 105
  • Sector 106
  • Sector 107
  • Sector 108
  • Sector 109
  • Sector 110
  • Sector 111
  • Sector 112
  • Sector 113
  • Sector 114
  • Sector 115
  • Sector 116
  • Sector 117
  • Sector 118
  • Sector 119
  • Sector 120
  • Sector 121
  • Sector 122
  • Sector 123
  • Sector 124
  • Sector 125
  • Sector 126
  • Sector 127
  • Sector 128
  • Sector 129
  • Sector 130
  • Sector 131
  • Sector 132
  • Sector 133
  • Sector 134
  • Sector 135
  • Sector 136
  • Sector 137
  • Sector 138
  • Sector 139
  • Sector 140
  • Sector 140A
  • Sector 141
  • Sector 142
  • Sector 143
  • Sector 143B
  • Sector 144
  • Sector 145
  • Sector 146
  • Sector 147
  • Sector 148
  • Sector 149
  • Sector 150
  • Sector 151
  • Sector 152
  • Sector 153
  • Sector 154
  • Sector 155
  • Sector 156
  • Sector 157
  • Sector 158
  • Sector 159
  • Sector 160
  • Sector 161
  • Sector 162
  • Sector 163
  • Sector 164
  • Sector 165
  • Sector 166
  • Sector 167
  • Sector 168
  • Noida Phase 2
  • NEPZ

Phases by Noida Authority & Allotment Rate

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