MOU- EGS + Interested Micro, Small & Medium Business (TLSSE Consulting)



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  1. Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) between EGS & Interested Micro,Small and Medium Business for TLSSE Consulting.

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  1. Request for Information (RFI) for TLSSE Consulting

T = Theory of Constraints fundamentals         (TOC)

L = Lean Six Sigma (L)

S = Six Sigma (S)

S = Sales (S)

E= MS Excel Basics (E)

We charge a small incremental portion of 3% to 5% of our services charges  (subject to post realizations of cheques/NEFT/RTGS)  , to Micro, Small and Medium Business(es) through consulting & implementation of Lean Sigma(L), Six Sigma(S), MS Excel  ,TOC Fundamentals(T)., Sales(S).

P.S. :

This mandatory document is to be printed & on  ₹100 legal stamp paper (of your respective state) with self attested signatures on it and send back to us along with your other documents:

click-hereChecklist documents:

Keep Following things ready before sending to us –

(i) Identity Proof (PAN Card, Driving License,Aadhar Card etc.)

(ii) One Passport Size Photograph.

(iii) Residence Proof(Mobile/Landline Bill, Electricity Bill).(optional)

(iv) Company’s Profile.

(v) Company Hierarchy(Optional).

(vi) Payment Transaction reference Number made through Cash , Cheque/NEFT/Direct Wire transfer/NEFT/RTGS.

(vii) Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) -Attached herewith-(NDA ,CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT

(viii) Your Service Level Agreement (SLA) (If any)

(ix) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between EGS & Interested Business.

Send the above mentioned documents either through :

Option a)

Courier/ speed post etc. on our offical address:

F-71, Sector-11,Noida-201301,

Distt. Gautam Buddha Nagar,(U.P.), India


Option b)

E-Sign all checklist documents (mentioned above) either  through third party website or any e-signature digital platform, and send it to

Note: In case, if  there is any your own Service Level Agreement (SLA) of your organization, please sign on  your organization’s letter head with duly authorized signature and company seal  on it.


Pricing-TLSSE (Management Consulting)


Options Smart Managed  Solution(SMS) (TLSSE Consulting) Plan Type Net Price(INR)
% of Savings on Total Revenue / Investment
Book Now! Through Pay U Money
1 Theory of Constraints(T) fundamentals Standard  2% to 5% book-now
2 Lean Six Sigma(L) Standard  2% to 5% book-now
3 Six Sigma(S) Standard  2% to 5% book-now
4 Sales(S) Standard 2% to 20% book-now
5 MS. Excel Basic(E) Standard 2% to 5% book-now
6 Marketing Automation
(per hour)
Standard  ₹10,000.00 book-now

MODE OF  PAYMENTS – 20% Booking charges through EGS TLSSE Consulting, as Token of acceptance and execution of work.


(20% OF TOTAL VALUE OF Investment)


Entry Stage StartUp

MS Excel (Basics)


Theory of Constraints fundamentals (TOC)


Sales (Most Popular)


Lean Six Sigma


Six Sigma

(E)  (T)  (S)  (L) (S)
Duration: 5 hours Duration: 15 hours Duration: 15 hours Duration: 10 hours Duration: 40 hours
₹600/hour ₹1,000/hour ₹1,000/hour ₹500/hour ₹200/hour
a) e-Workshop Modules
b) Group Offsite Trainings
c) E-mail & Chat Support
d)  Training Certification
a) e-Training Modules
b) Group Onsite Training
c) 1: 1 Consulting & Implementation
d) 2% to 5% of Total Savings per month
e) Email & Chat support
f) Phone Support
g) Training Certification
a) e-Training    Modules
b) 1:1 Interaction
c) Group Onsite Training
d) Group Onsite Implementation
e) 1: 1 Consulting & Implementation
f) e-mail & Chat support
g)Phone Support
h) Training Certification
a) e-Workshop Modules
b) Group Offsite Trainings
c) E-mail & Chat Support
d)  Training Certification
a) e-Workshop Modules
b) Group Offsite Trainings
c) E-mail & Chat Support
d) 2% to 5% of Total Savings per month
e) Training Certification
book-now book-now book-now book-now book-now



it’s simple…

step 1  – Select or Click

step 2  – Choose Reference / Enter your Details

step 3  – Do a Transfer

Option 1) Payments Through Direct Wire Transfer



Option 1)

Send Direct Deposits or EFTs to the following account

(Recommended for Domestic Micro, Small & Medium Businesses)

The Federal Bank  Account Details
                    Account Name               Ennate Global Services
              Account Number                 13400200024815
                 Account Type                          Current
                         Bank             Federal Bank Limited
                   Branch address Federal Towers, H-362, Shopping Complex,Sector-22,Noida, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar
                            State                          Uttar Pradesh
                  MICR Code                          110049006
                     IFSC Code                           FDRL0001340
                     Swift Code                        FDRLINBBIBD


Book Through Debit/Credit/Net Banking (Pay U Money)