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T= Theory of Constraints(Fundamentals)-TOC

L= Lean Six Sigma(L)

S= Six Sigma (S)

S= Sales (S)

E= MS Excel Basics(E)

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*All Prices data are calculated on current average(s) market’s price.                                                    

                                    *My School Business Workshop TLSSE Commercial Plans

                                                   Workshop Commercial Plans*
            S.No. Average Market Price (After comparison) EGS offer (INR)    Description Your Per Day Investment (excluding Taxes)
                 1       ₹500        ₹500   Registration ₹16.66666667
                2     ₹30,000       ₹15,000 Theory of Constraints-Fundamentals           (T)      ₹500
                 3       ₹8,000       ₹5,000 Lean Sigma (L) ₹166.6666667
                4     ₹20,000       ₹8,000 Six Sigma  (S) ₹266.6666667
                 5     ₹25,000     ₹15,000 Sales & Marketing (S)         ₹500
                 6       ₹5,000      ₹3,000 MS Excel Basic -Fundamentals(E)         ₹100
     Total Package     ₹95500        ₹50500   ₹11683.333333

*Per day is  Calculated on 30 days calendar basis

We charge rates atleast 5% Less from current Market Price.

Please Demand The Workshop Topic for our Next Meet.Mentioned as Below :

* Social Media Marketing

* Digital Marketing

* E-Commerce Business

* Online Shopping Business

* How To Make Brand for Your Product

* How to Sell Your Product

* How to Handle Your Staff

* How to Grow Your Business

* Rule of Money

* Extra Income Work

* Home Based Business

* New Business Startup



Mentioned as Below :

*All Prices data are calculated on current average(s) market’s price.
*All amount mentioned is in Rupees (INR)

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Entry Stage StartUp

MS Excel (Basics)


Theory of Constraints fundamentals (TOC)


Sales (Most Popular)


Lean Six Sigma


Six Sigma

(E)  (T)  (S)  (L) (S)
Duration: 5 hours Duration: 15 hours Duration: 15 hours Duration: 10 hours Duration: 40 hours
₹600/hour ₹1,000/hour ₹1,000/hour ₹500/hour ₹200/hour
a) e-Workshop Modules
b) Group Offsite Trainings
c) E-mail & Chat Support
d)  Training Certification
a) e-Training Modules
b) Group Onsite Training
c) 1: 1 Consulting & Implementation
d) 2% to 5% of Total Savings per month
e) Email & Chat support
f) Phone Support
g) Training Certification
a) e-Training    Modules
b) 1:1 Interaction
c) Group Onsite Training
d) Group Onsite Implementation
e) 1: 1 Consulting & Implementation
f) e-mail & Chat support
g)Phone Support
h) Training Certification
a) e-Workshop Modules
b) Group Offsite Trainings
c) E-mail & Chat Support
d)  Training Certification
a) e-Workshop Modules
b) Group Offsite Trainings
c) E-mail & Chat Support
d) 2% to 5% of Total Savings per month
e) Training Certification
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 *Per day is  Calculated on 30 days calendar basis and exclusive of Taxes.

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Frequently asked questions(FAQ’s)!

What types of payment do you accept?

Our payment processor accepts all types of Direct Wire/Debit/Credit Cards.
Is this a life time agreement?

No. You can cancel anytime. As a matter of fact, you can upgrade or downgrade to Basic anytime. Options are available in Cancellation & Refund Policy.

Do you offer discounts for educational and non-profit?

We strongly support educational and non-profit organizations and we offer a 10% discount. Those who choose the yearly subscription period benefit from the additional 5% discount. If you represent such an organization, contact us.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my account at any time?

Yes you can! You have the ability to upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime you want.please email us

Do you offer discounts for startups?

Sure. If you’re a small startup please contact us to get details on our special startup rates.

What support do I get?

24/7 support is available via online chat or email. Basic email support is answered within 24-48 working hours.

More questions?

Our sales support is available around the clock to answer your questions.

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